The Studio

Since early 2019 Andy Savours has had his studio at the Battery/Aquarium studio complex in Willesden Green. The studio is built around a Midas Heritage H1000 Console and features a large mix room, a large tracking room and a good sized drum/vocal booth.

Originally built in 1976 by Morgan studios with acoustic design by Eastlake and Andy Munro the studio sounds fantastic and with 3 separate recording areas offers a great deal of flexibility. In addition it’s packed with microphones and recording gear along with Andy’s extensive collection of synths, guitars, amps, pedals and effects plus a beautiful 1960’s slingerland drum kit.

The studio is perfect for mixing, programming and overdubbing and is also set up to track large full band and small string sessions. In a location steeped in over 40 years of musical heritage and with the best of modern and vintage equipment it’s a great creative space to develop all kinds of musical projects.


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