Black Country, New Road Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘For the first time’ Album
The KVB Producer, Engineer + Mixer Forthcoming Album
The Natvral Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘Tethers’ Album
Black Country, New Road Producer + Engineer ‘Sunglasses’ single
Liz Lawrence Add-Production + Mixer ‘Whoosh’ EP
My Bloody Valentine Producer + Engineer Forthcoming Album
Mush Mixer ‘3D Routine’ Album
Rina Sawayama Engineer + Mixer ‘Cherry’ Single
Liz Lawrence Add-Production + Mixer ‘Pity Party’ Album
Sorry Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘Starstruck’ single
Frere Artist, Producer + Mixer ‘Big Hug’ EP
Frere Artist, Producer + Mixer ‘Hands Closing’ EP
Daniel Alexander Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘Separatehood’/’Apartheid’ singles
Sorry Co-producer + Mixer ‘Showgirl’ single
Malpas Artist, Producer + Mixer Forthcoming Album
Sigur Ros Engineer ‘Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust’ album
The Horrors Engineer ‘Strange House’ album
Joan Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘Tokyo’ Single
Sorry Mixer ‘Harmless’/Too down to dance’ single
Stereo Honey Producer, Engineer + Mixer Forthcoming tracks
Drip Gloss Producer, Engineer + Mixer Forthcoming tracks
Sorry Mixer ‘Wished’/Lies Single
My Bloody Valentine Engineer/tape editing Isn’t Anything Remaster
My Bloody Valentine Engineer/tape editing Loveless Remaster
Baba Ali Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘I’ve been Voodoo’d/‘Zombies’ single
Anteros Mixer ‘Drunk’ EP
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Producer, Engineer + Mixer “Echo of Pleasure’ album
The Killers Mix Engineer ‘Sam’s Town’ album
Our Mother Co-producer + Mixer ‘Just Don’t’ + forthcoming tracks
Dream Wife Mixer ‘F.U.U’ track
My Bloody Valentine Mix Engineer ‘mbv’ album
Telegram Producer + Mixer ‘You Said You Saw Us’ track
Goldfrapp Programmer ‘Silver Eye’ album
April Towers Producer + Mixer ‘A Little Bit Of Fear’ + ‘Modern Psyche’
Arctic Monkeys Engineer ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ album
Our Girl Producer + Mixer ‘Sleeper’ + ‘Level’ tracks
Yak Producer + Mixer Forthcoming tracks
Ten Fé Additional Producer + Mixer ‘Make Me Better’ + forthcoming tracks
The Magic Gang Producer + Mixer ‘No Fun’ + ‘Alright’ tracks
PJ Harvey Assistant Engineer ‘White Chalk’ album
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Assistant Engineer ‘Show Your Bones’ album
Keroscene Mixer Forthcoming EP
As Elephants Are Producer + Mixer ‘Crown’ EP
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Producer + Engineer ‘Days Of Abandon’ album
Mr Hudson Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘Straight, No Chaser’ album
Roisin Murphy Mixer ‘Orally Fixated’ + ‘Billionaire’ tracks
Cloudboat Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘Model Of You’ album
Viktor Taiwò Mixer ‘Paradise Island’, ‘Digital Kids’ tracks + EP
DZ Deathrays Producer + Mixer ‘Northern Lights’ track
Karin Park Writer ‘Stick To The Lie’ track
Sylver Tongue Mixer ‘Something Big’ EP + forthcoming album
Malpas Artist, Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘Rain River Sea’ album
Luls Co-mixer + Engineer Forthcoming tracks
Big Kids Mixer Forthcoming tracks
Post War Years Mixer ‘Ghosts’ track
D’banj Mixer ‘Scapegoat’ + ‘Oyato’ tracks
Owen Cutts Mixer ‘Born As’ track
Dave I.D. Additional Producer + Mixer Forthcoming tracks
Theme Park Mixer ‘Two Hours’ track
Goldfrapp Programmer ‘Melancholy Sky’ + ‘Yellow Halo’ tracks
Pixie Lott Mixer ‘Come Get It Now’ track
Tricity Additional Producer + Mixer ‘Same Mistakes’ + other tracks
Malpas Artist, Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘Promise’ + ‘Where The River Runs’ EP
Patrick Wolf Engineer ‘Lupercalia’ album
Pnau Mixer ‘Soft Universe’ album
Expatriate Producer + Mixer ‘Hyper/Hearts’ album
Ray Davies Engineer ‘See My Friends’ album
Mando Diao Engineer + Mixer ‘Victoria’ track
Arnos Engineer + Mixer ‘Moments’ track
Vinyl Staircase Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘Said you wouldn’t be’ Singel
Loners Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘Give Up’/’He looks like me’ single
Soho Dolls Remixer ‘Stripper’ track
Glasvegas Additional Mix Engineer ‘Euphoria (James Rutledge Remix)’ track
Everything Everything Additional Mix Engineer ‘My Kz Ur Bf (James Rutledge Remix)’ track
The Magic Numbers Engineer ‘Runaway’ album
The Courteeners Mixer ‘You’re The Man’ track
Trash Palace Mixer Forthcoming album
The Kills Mixer ‘Black Balloon’ EP tracks
Example Writer + Producer ‘Everyone Back To Mine’ unreleased track
Humphrey Milles Mixer ‘Tall Stories’ album
Harry’s Gym Engineer ‘Harry’s Gym’ album
Internet Forever Engineer ‘Break Bones’ track
Archeo Price Mixer ‘Johnny Supastar’ + ‘Time Machine’ tracks
Mr Hudson Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘Straight, No Chaser’ album
Patrick Wolf Engineer ‘The Bachelor’ album + ‘The Spinster’ EP
Sophie Ellis Bextor Assistant Engineer ‘Trip The Light Fantastic’ album
Hatcham Social Produce, Engineer + Mixer ‘Postcards In Colour’ + ‘So So Happy Making’ tracks
Inner Party System Engineer + Programmer ‘Inner Party System’ album
Placebo Engineer ‘Battle For The Sun’ album
The Charlatans Assistant Engineer ‘You Cross My Path’ album
We Are Scientists Assistant Engineer ‘Chick Lit’ track
Red Light Company Mixer ‘Get In The Way’
U2 & Green Day Assistant Engineer ‘The Saints Are Coming’ track
Cheap Hotel Producer, Engineer + Mixer ‘The 54th’ track
Envy & Other Sins Producer & Engineer ‘Prodigal Son’ album
Younger Brother Engineer ‘The Last Days Of Gravity’ album
Arctic Monkeys Assistant Engineer ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ album
U2 Assistant Engineer ‘Love Has Done’ track
Bloc Party Assistant Engineer ‘Two More Years’ track
Ed Harcourt Mixer ‘Beautiful Lie’ album
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